Are Facebook And Ford Teaming Up To Make A Social Automobile?

The Ford Evos concept automotive, unveiled in 2011, built-in “social” options into the driving expertise. But what’s the subsequent step? See more Concept Car Pictures. Let’s be clear, here. If you reside some place the place an automotive is crucial for getting round, then you already know simply how much of your time can get sucked up in transit. Fiddling with social media websites is the very last thing you want to do whereas working a motor vehicle. Such a factor may very well be a reality within the not-so-distant future. As an illustration, you might have your car wirelessly push an update to your pals about a very fun driving route to take (or maybe a lousy one that they need to most likely avoid). We’ve written about how the Ford Evos concept automobile, unveiled in 2011, built-in “social” features into the driving expertise. And Facebook, as we know, hasn’t been too shy about its plans for world on-line domination — which it intends to realize by being available any place there’s a display in entrance of your face.
So just what’s going on? Is Ford working on a social media-augmented automobile with Facebook? In the pantheon of poor judgment, in-vehicle social media might seem at first to rank right up there with invading Russia in winter, or wagering your 401(okay) against IBM’s Deep Blue in a game of chess. In spite of everything, the 2 firms have been awfully chummy with each other publicly. But let’s just say, for the sake of argument, the engineers might find a way round that? Like we mentioned, there’s that itty-bitty “safety” thing to concern ourselves with. How cool would it’s if there was an app that allowed a gaggle of mates in separate cars to find a couple of empty parking spaces near one another? Even in a busy downtown space, at mid-day? Once that load is high enough, you lose the flexibility to carry out a job. If you do not consider us, try rubbing your stomach, patting your head, and leaping on one leg — and texting — all at the same time.
Actually, Ford has said it can do precisely that, even giving directions to potential app developers (in addition to Facebook) on learn how to go about partnering with Ford via SYNC. Telematics applied sciences beam us drivers all sorts of data past what we can see by our windscreens: navigation, weather, visitors patterns, even movie times and dinner date reservations. Marchwicki is quoted as saying. It would not take a Doc Brown from “Back to the longer term” to see where all this is headed. In some unspecified time in the future, identical to within the cyberpunk novels and films, vehicles will merely be automated personal packing containers that transfer us from one physical location to another. Speaking of enjoyable, once upon a time, driving was something people usually did for the sheer pleasure of it. And whereas we’re in those packing containers, we’ll do issues we in any other case could not do while manually driving an automobile or whereas we’re at work — things like socializing, shaving, putting on make-up, reading, and of course, doing enjoyable stuff online. Now that it’s turn out to be roughly an utilitarian operate (for most people, most of the time) it makes sense to me that we might use expertise to make extra efficient use of that point. Is texting whereas driving actually worse than drunk driving? Are you able to sync your smartphone together with your car? Marchwicki, Julius. “Making the Car Social Again.” Ford Social. Bomey, Nathan. “GM, Ford in Facebook advertising and marketing conflict of phrases and tweets.” Canada Free Press. Quinnell, Cole. “What in case your Facebook Friends Picked Your Driving Tunes?” Ford Social.
Didn’t think you may do it. Ford already has a wireless information platform (called SYNC) that it uses to pipe in leisure and concierge-like services to drivers. That’s why programmers at Ford’s and Facebook’s February 2012 Hackathon at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., developed social media apps that largely ran on their own. Integrating it with Facebook, if the Hackathon was any instance, is properly within attain — technologically speaking. Whether massive numbers of automotive patrons truly need this stuff is tough to say. Comments from real Joe and Jane Consumers on the Ford blog run the gamut, from those who think it is sensible to those that consider it a spike in organ donors simply waiting to occur. The Internet connection improve one another’s capacity to convey mates collectively. Ford challenge manager for SYNC Julius Marchwicki envisions a future where the automobile. It appears Ford would somewhat port any Facebook-pleasant purposes it does create by means of SYNC and its clients’ Canada telephones, as opposed to building a devoted “social” automobile — for the time-being, anyway.
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